DNA RENEWAL is a Quantum Holistic Approach Designed Specifically to Repair your DNA and Defend Your Immune System for Optimized Health

Welcome to the Age of Quantum DNA!

It’s time to recognize the quantum nature of our DNA. The internal intelligence of our bodies is a sophisticated operating system that requires more refined and specific epigenetic support to adapt to our modern environment for a longer and greater HEALTHSPAN.

Cellular Rejuvenation

Our stem cells start degenerating at the age of 25 and the fewer stem cells you have, the faster you age and the slower you heal. But with new leading-edge wellness products, we can easily activate and regenerate our cells without foreign DNA disruption. There are new technologies that also activate Carnisine, which also deteriorates at age 25, and when activated has been shown to improve organ function by 84% in as little as 2 weeks!

The Keys to Greater Immunity

Knowing the state of your gut and your genetic markers gives you two keys to improving your overall immune system and healthspan through microbiome balancing, telomere rejuvenation, and DNA-specific customized supplementation. No more guessing if your vitamins are really helping because they’re designed for YOU! But first, we address the gut’s microbiome because if you can’t absorb the nutrients what’s the point of taking them?

Quantum Epigenetics

Once we find out what your DNA is predisposed to via your initial custom 48-page wellness report, Stephanie Lodge will utilize the information to renew or recalibrate any distorted sequences at the quantum level via the “Angelic Genome” sequencing, or what you might call your God particles. Her Diamond DNA session provides custom attunement and frequency sequences to restore your DNA to its original template and protect it from future damage.

Quantum Epigenetics Facilitator

Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge is both a metaphysician and a mystic who specializes in Sacred Sciences that recognize our frequency as our most important ally when it comes to our health and well-being overall. She works at the energetic level to support our DNA’s regeneration while correcting any distortions or damage with the assistance of her innate wisdom and intuitive healing abilities. As a conscious channel and light stream healer, she gives credit to the soul’s Creator for resolving any health issues, as she sees herself simply as the instrument for any corrections to be made at its discretion. All is done in alignment with the individual’s soul journey and contract, therefore not all health conditions can be resolved if it is not aligned with the person’s life intention. As a spiritual healer, her sessions can create strong responses at times and it is advised to schedule a consultation prior to booking to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements to work with her. Our DNA is a database of intelligence that when addressed at the frequency level can improve over time how we express our genes. Stephanie looks at DNA from the intuitive level and combines that with additional cutting-edge wellness technologies to improve the condition of her clients.

The 3 Steps to Start Your DNA Renewal Journey

The process is simple. FILL IN AN INTAKE FORM to start. This is always the best path. This will provide an email with suggestions on which products in which combination will best serve your health recovery.

Stephanie will share her suggestions on how to lengthen your telomeres, balance your microbiome, up-level your stem cell production, and more! She’ll also determine based on your budget and current health concerns which DNA support tools best serve your health.

The main support tools she’s aligned with are DNA-guided nutrition designed specifically for you based on your genetics, and patented phototherapy patches that work on your stem cells through the holographic intelligence of your body.

Stephanie will work with you to determine which tools would be best for you to start with. If you have a desire for a healing session with Stephanie, you can request more information on one of her sessions – DNA Renewal or DNA Defense – and she’ll get you scheduled if desired.

No two DNA Renewal “prescriptions” are exactly alike and we finally take the guesswork out of what best serves your body-mind-spirit complex, which is unique like a fingerprint, and now can be treated as such.

(1) Intake Form

This form will serve as a method of determining which elements of DNA Renewal System will best serve you. It helps determine which product combination or protocol will best work for you based on your personal needs and budget. Stephanie will personally email you back her first recommendations and what actions you can take to begin your DNA Renewal journey.

(2) DNA Support

Stephanie combines two advanced products – one internal use and one external use – to get your DNA supported immediately. She first recommends getting a DNA Wellness report ordered that can be used to create powerful nutrition customized just for you that also lengthens telomeres through a patented supplement! Her nutritional partner is the only company in the world to do this, and they do it at the highest level of quality and privacy. She then will usually recommend a stem cell activator through phototherapy patch and additional patches if needed for organ repair.

(3) DNA Sessions

Each Diamond DNA healing session with Stephanie works at the multidimensional level of your DNA, meaning it works on your entire network of consciousness and she focuses on releasing you from any disruptive programs and energies. She also gives you practices to do at home for maintenance and self-devotion.